15 Most Unfair Video Game Boss Fights Ever

December 28, 2023

The whole point of a boss battle in a video game is the challenge of the thing. What use is Double Dragon if Machine Gun Willy is just as easy to take down as Williams? You want things to escalate so that your later and final victories truly mean something. You want to feel like […]

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This Rebel Moon article contains spoilers.

Zack Snyder’s explosive new Netflix movie, Rebel Moon, takes his fans across the stars to a cruel galaxy engulfed in endless war. Even the faraway moon of Veldt, home to humble farmers who are very into Nordic culture, isn’t safe from the tyranny of the Imperium. In fact, it’s a surprise visit from the cruel Admiral Noble (Ed Skrein), who’s after the moon’s ample resources, that sets the blood and violence in motion, as central character Kora (Sofia Boutella) heads out on a mission to recruit the galaxy’s greatest warriors to defend her village.

But as we learn in the movie, Kora has a terrible secret that she hoped to bury by starting a new life on Veldt. She’s not just an unassuming farm girl a la Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. Flashbacks reveal that Kora was once Arthelais, one of the most dreaded officers in the Imperium who committed countless war crimes in the name of the King and her evil mentor Regent Balisarius (Fra Fee). Balisarius stole Kora from her home planet when she was just a little girl and molded her in his own bloodthirsty image. Years later, Kora is looking for redemption.

Yet, we don’t get the whole story as to why Kora broke away from the Imperium. We know it has to do with the assassination of Motherworld’s royal family, especially the princess she was ordered to protect, but we don’t know the full details. The fact that Kora is the Imperium’s most wanted fugitive suggests Arthelais herself may have had something to do with those deaths…

Whatever happened all those years ago, we’re bound to get a few answers in the upcoming Rebel Moon sequel, titled Part Two: The Scargiver. In fact, Netflix has released a trailer for Part Two that teases a few more flashbacks to come, including a moment fans were left waiting for in the first movie. Give the trailer a watch below:

In the trailer, we see our heroes preparing Veldt for the invasion to come, as well as some of the chaos that ensues as the battle begins. As it’s one of the major influences on Snyder‘s new sci-fi universe, it’s no surprise the scenes look heavily inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. More interestingly, we get glimpses of at least two more flashbacks in the sequel that may contain answers to some of our biggest questions:

The first is of a very upset Kora pointing her weapon at an unknown target during what looks like some sort of ceremony (judging from the hooded musicians in the lefthand corner). The shot is notable because she’s wearing her full Imperium garb, suggesting we’re being transported back to when she was still Arthelais. Is this meant to be a memory of what happened the day the royal family was assassinated? Just who is she shooting at in this scene?

Then there’s the other big flashback teased in the trailer, this time involving General Titus (Djimon Hounsou), who we first met passed out drunk at the gladiator arena. Once one of the Imperium’s greatest generals, the Titus that Kora and friends recruit is clearly going through a few things, but the first movie doesn’t really explore much of his backstory. Fans were left wanting to learn more about the disgraced general’s story, and a common criticism in reviews earlier this month was that Hounsou’s character was a bit underdeveloped in A Child of Fire.

Fortunately, it looks like The Scargiver will give viewers a lot more Titus. In the brief clip in the trailer, General Titus watches on as his men are annihilated on the battlefield, powerless to save them. It’s likely it’s this defeat that sends Titus packing to the gladiator arena. Just what happened during that battle and who defeated Titus remains to be seen.

There will, of course, also be plenty of present-day scenes of Titus training the people of Veldt in the art of war. In other words, it looks like the general may yet get his groove back. And it will be nice to see Hounsou stretch a few more acting muscles in the sequel.

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Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver will release on Netflix on April 19, 2024.

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