Avatar: The Last Airbender Will Feature a Big Timeline Change

February 1, 2024

One of the most impressive things about Nickelodeon’s classic Avatar: The Last Airbender is the immediacy of its storytelling. In fact, we’ve previously argued that Avatar is one of the few “structurally perfect” TV shows because of that immediacy. Not one to overstay its welcome, the initial run of Avatar: The Last Airbender features three […]

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The 20th anniversary of Lost will be celebrated with a special concert in Hawaii on April 27th with special cast guests Evangeline Lilly and Henry Ian Cusick.

“Hawai’i Symphony Orchestra presents an evening with Michael Giacchino conducting his music from the made-in-Hawai’i television show Lost. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the iconic TV series… Giacchino conducts an evening of music and storytelling, featuring the Emmy® Award-winning score, video clips on the big screen, and special guests.”

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WebCam is a Dust sci-fi short about a lone human survivor and his robot companion trying to get by in a bunker when they receive an unexpected transmission.

“[Nick Delgado] recently released his new short film WebCam on Dust, linked below. The new short follows the last man on Earth, or so he believes, as he makes a discovery that will set him on an unexpected new trajectory. It stars Dichen Lachman (Severance) and Drew Van Acker (Titans).”

The Boys star Erin Moriarty shut off her social media accounts after Fox commentator Megyn Kelly spewed some false plastic surgery allegations.

“Among other things, Moriarty—who has nearly 2 million followers on [Instagram]—noted that the image of her that Kelly used as a “before” photo was more than a decade old, while also calling out the podcast host with a “shame on you.” She also got in a The Boys reference, to boot, referring to Kelly’s old home at Fox News as “Vought incarnate.”

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Charlie Kaufman, the director known for surreal films like Being John Malkovich, has delivered a unique animated offering in Orion and the Dark.

“For Orion and the Dark… the writer has made a film unlike anything he’s ever done before—he’s made an animated kid’s movie. Even though Kaufman has never written a film quite like this in the past, he brings his same imaginative and ingenious approach that never talks down to its younger audience.”

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Kim Kardashian as Elizabeth Taylor? Get ready for a three-part documentary produced by and starring Kiki herself.

“BBC Arts has commissioned Academy Award-winning production firm Passion Pictures to make a three-part documentary series on Elizabeth Taylor, executive produced by and featuring Kim Kardashian. The BBC unveiled the project with the working title Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar on Monday, noting that Taylor is ‘one of Hollywood’s most famous names.’”

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