Great Movies That Barely Resemble the Books They’re Based On

February 2, 2024

What does it take for a movie adaptation to transcend its source material? Many a filmmaker uses a book as a blueprint (whether or not they read it in its entirety) but take creative license to put their own unique stylistic and/or thematic spin on what is necessarily a much more visual story than the […]

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Much like that other game all about catching and taming monsters, much of your Palworld experience will involve earning the XP required to level up your character and Pals. It’s a fairly simple XP system made slightly more complicated by the fact that earning XP in Palworld can be a painfully slow process if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So if you’d just rather not bother with all of that noise, here are some of the best ways to farm XP and level up quickly in Palworld:

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Palworld: How to Level Your Pals Quickly

For the most part, the information in the rest of this guide that discusses leveling up your character will also pertain to leveling up your Pals. That’s because Pals will automatically gain XP as you do while they are in your party. That makes it remarkably easy to level up multiple pals as you grind for XP. You can give a Pal a little boost by sending it directly into combat, but even rostered Pals will earn XP fairly quickly through the natural course of play.

The big exception to that rule relates to your base Pals. Pals can gain XP while they’re working at your base, which is a great way to ensure that as many of your Pals are earning as much XP as possible at any given time. Just be sure that you find the right job for the Pal you’re trying to level to ensure they benefit from those passive work bonuses.

Palworld: How to Farm XP in the Early Game

Early into your Palworld adventure, XP is both easy and difficult to come by. That contradiction is caused by the rapid rate of XP gains at the beginning of the game vs. your lack of resources and obvious objectives early on. During those earliest hours, you’re going to have to make the most out of these XP farming tricks:

Manually Adjust Palworld’s Sliders

Though it’s a boring option, the fastest way to level up in Palworld is to set up a custom world and simply change the settings that affect your XP gain rate. 

To do so, simply create a world and go to “Change World Settings.” From there, make sure that your world is set to “Custom” difficulty and choose the “Custom Settings” option that appears next to that difficulty option. In that menu, you’ll find a setting called “EXP Rate.” By moving that meter to the right to the highest possible level, you will ensure that you gain the maximum amount of experience for every XP-granting action in the game. 

While you can play with some of the other settings that make the game (and therefore acquiring XP) a little easier, that’s the main setting you need to adjust if you’re looking to expedite the leveling process as much as possible. 

Catch 10 of Each Pal

Catching Pals in Palworld is one of the earliest and most obvious ways to gain XP, but an easily overlooked XP bonus associated with that action makes it even more valuable than you might think. 

Basically, Palworld grants you gradually increasing XP bonuses for catching multiple copies of the same Pal. Once you have collected 10 copies of the same Pal, you’ll receive a massive XP boost that can easily earn you an entire level in the early parts of the game. 

Just note that the XP bonuses pretty much disappear after you’ve caught the 10th copy of the same Pal. You’ll still earn XP for the captures, but they become relatively less valuable. So, the idea is to farm an area where specific Pals regularly spawn and stay there until you’ve caught 10 copies of the same Pal. After that, you’re probably better off moving on to a new Pal or different XP farming methods. 

Complete Dungeons As Often As Possible

Once you’ve found your first dungeon in Palworld, you’ll also quickly find that they are some of the most reliable intended sources of XP in the game. 

While there are a few XP bonuses associated with completing dungeons, they’re just concentrated sources of normal XP gain methods. Battling Pals, catching Pals, earning loot, and fighting Alpha Pal bosses are all easier to do in dungeons and each of those activities grants substantial amounts of XP relative to other activities. Just beating the bosses at the end of those dungeons is usually enough to earn you an extra level. 

Unfortunately, dungeons aren’t a viable option for you in the early part of the game and you do have to find them before you can farm them. While dungeons reset after about 10 minutes (on standard settings), you will still need to spend some time navigating between them and finding new ones when necessary. So while constantly running dungeons for XP is still recommended, it’s not quite as simple as it is in some other games. 

Capture and Defeat Alpha Pals In the Wild

As noted above, the Alpha Pals you battle at the end of dungeons are a big part of the reason why they are such valuable sources of XP. Thankfully, you don’t need to always run a dungeon just to battle those Pals. 

Alpha Pals can not only be found throughout the world in Palworld but they respawn every 15 minutes on standard settings. That makes it relatively easy to mark their locations on your map and work them into your other XP farm rotations. The only notable drawback to this process is the fact that some of these Alpha Pals are significantly more challenging than others, which means you may not be able to effectively farm them as soon as you encounter them. However, by focusing on earning as many Pal capture XP bonuses as possible early on, you should soon find that you’re capable of putting up a fight against most of the Alpha Pals you organically encounter. 

When possible, just be sure to capture those Alpha Pals rather than just defeat them for maximum XP gains. The difference can add up to be quite a lot in the long run, and those Pals are usually worth having on your roster in the first place. 

Crafting, Base Building, and Other XP Granting Tasks

While the above-mentioned methods are some of the best ways to efficiently earn XP in Palworld, you’ll soon find that the game will reward you with some amount of XP for completing a variety of activities. Those activities include (but are certainly not limited to) building your base, crafting items, and completing various activities and tasks found throughout the world. 

The truth is that it’s not necessarily worth focusing on any of those activities if you’re only worried about farming as much XP as possible. Early on, the most valuable things that crafting and base building can give you are the resources needed to make the Pal Spheres required to capture Pals (which will consistently be your best source of XP). That’s an important part of the XP farming process, but the actual XP you gain for all that crafting is minimal compared to what you can do with those Pal Spheres. 

Similarly, those various tasks can offer some nice XP gains when you encounter them, but they’re rarely worth seeking out in the same ways that dungeons and Alpha Pals are. Pick up the ones you can while you’re earning XP elsewhere, but don’t be so tempted by them that you ignore other options. 

Palworld: Best XP Farming Spot

If you’re looking to earn as much XP in Palworld as quickly as possible and aren’t above exploiting a glitch, then you should know that there is an XP farming spot that will allow you to cheat the system.

First, you’ll want to head to the Rayne Syndicate Tower and unlock the nearby fast travel point. You can find it here on the map:

Rayne Syndicate Tower Palworld Map

From there, you’ll want to earn “Wanted” status and get some guards to chase you. There are various ways you can do that, but you’re ideally looking to attack a guard near a different fast travel point in order to save yourself some time. Thankfully, fast travel points are typically located near many settlements, and there are often guards near those settlements that you can attack to easily acquire a Wanted level. 

Once you have a Wanted level and guards are actively pursuing you, head back to the Rayne Syndicate Tower fast travel point and go inside the tower itself. If everything went according to plan, the guards should follow you inside the tower. 

Here’s where things get a little tricky. In that tower is a boss fight against Zoe and Grizzbolt. Whether this is your first time battling them or not doesn’t matter. You just need to make sure that the boss’ spawn time is up so that they appear as soon as you go inside. 

You can fire a quick shot at the boss to get its attention if you have a ranged weapon, but this trick seems to work better if you ignore it entirely. Instead, run around the room behind the pillars to get the guards that followed you inside to shoot at you. With a little luck, one of their shots should hit the boss. When that happens, the boss will glitch out, turn around, and walk peacefully towards the corner of the room. All you need to do is throw a Pal Sphere at their back and instantly catch them for a massive XP boost. Early in the game, you can earn a couple of levels each time that you catch them. From there, you can simply respawn and repeat or return to this point later on for future XP runs. 

At a certain point, you will need to move to a different tower with a higher-level boss to continue getting the most XP out of this method. However, the very good news is that this method currently works with every tower boss. Until it gets patched out, it’s the best way to reach level 50 in record time. 

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