Quantum Leap: When Can a Leaper Change Fate?

February 14, 2024

This article contains spoilers for Quantum Leap season 2 episode 11 “The Outsider.” Fate. The main narrative thrust of the original and new Quantum Leap is changing fate. To put right what once went wrong. That doesn’t mean that Leapers like Sam (Scott Bakula) and Ben (Raymond Lee) can just change anything they want however. […]

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There’s no doubt that filming the series finale of The Office was an emotional experience for many. This cast and crew, many of whom had worked for almost 10 years together, knew they had only days left before this thing that they had dedicated so much of their lives to was over. However, according to Dakota Johnson, who appears briefly in the series finale as Kevin’s replacement, the vibes were a little weirder than we may have realized.

While promoting her latest movie Madame Web on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Johnson jokingly tells the host that filming The Office series finale was “honestly the worst time of my life.” She agreed to appear in the series finale because she loved the show and thought she’d only be on set for “half a day,” but actually ended up being on set for two weeks.

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It wasn’t just the expected sadness from the cast that Johnson picked up on while on set though. She says that there were “weird dynamics that had been going on for the last 10 years” and that “some people didn’t speak to each other.” Even though Johnson says that she came onto the set excited and ready to do her job, she says that “no one wanted to talk to [her]” and that no one really seemed to care that she was there.

It’s not that Johnson expected the cast to bend over backwards to make her feel welcome, but it seems like she was at least hoping to kind of get to know the people she was sharing the screen with while she was “in the background of all of these scenes faxing things.” 

Tensions are bound to be high while saying goodbye to something after nearly a decade, but it’s still a surprise to hear that there were members of the cast that weren’t speaking to each other while filming the finale. So many of the cast members still seem to be friendly with each other and have maintained contact after all this time, that it’s hard to even speculate who Johnson could have been referring to. The Office cast isn’t really known for having a terrible amount of drama off screen, but Johnson’s perspective on how the series ended may change that.

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