The Best 1970s British Sci-Fi TV Series (That Aren’t Doctor Who)

January 6, 2024

A history of the most underrated British science fiction of the 1970s is, largely, just a history of British science fiction of the 1970s. It gets a bad rap. Think “1970s British Sci-Fi” and your mind will be flooded with associations of dodgy special effects, less-than-perfect gender politics, and so much knitwear. That, and a […]

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Has there ever been a worse idea than David Wallace’s “Suck It” shop-vac for kids? Not according to the United States Military, who paid enough lettuce for the idea to put the disgraced Dunder Mifflin CFO back on the map. By the end of US version of The Office, Wallace was head of his old company once again and thriving. Makes you wonder what would have been had Michael Scott actually joined his former boss for “Suck It” in the season 6 episode “Sabre” and made his millions. For one thing, “Scott’s Tots” would have a much happier ending.

You can’t completely blame Michael for being so shortsighted, though. As David describes it while hanging out with Michael in the hot tub, “Suck It” sounds like a desperate unemployed man’s fever dream of a second coming.

“You know how kids leave their toys everywhere?” David explains in the episode. “This is a vacuum. It’s like a shop-vac type of thing. Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp. It teaches kids how to pick up their own toys. Baseball gloves, hacky sacks, drumsticks. Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp. Picks it up.”

There are very few things that would make Michael not want to team up with David Wallace and “Suck It” is one of them. “That’s not the David Wallace I remember,” Michael says, fleeing the scene before he’s talked into a threesome with “Arnie from Research.” Alas, we never got to see “Suck It” in the flesh before the show completed its run in 2013.

Imagine our surprise then, dear reader, when we tuned into a recent episode of the business reality TV series Shark Tank to discover that a couple of entrepreneurs have created a real-life “Suck It” called Pick-Up Bricks, a little vacuum designed to entice kids to pick up those pesky Legos before their parents step on them. In the episode, creators Aurora and Steven Weinstock even give a demonstration of how the Pick-Up Bricks effectively sucks up a mound of bricks, while leaving them clean of any lint, dust, dirt, or pet hair from your floor. Quite the nifty gifty.

Like David Wallace before them, the Weinstock’s goal is not only to protect all the barefoot parents out there, but to show kids cleaning up rules.

“TEACHES GREAT HABITS,” reads the marketing on the Pick-Up Bricks website. “The Pick-Up Bricks Vacuum is designed for kids. Not only can it suck up the mess of LEGO and other small toys but it makes cleaning fun… Parents can stop nagging kids to pick up after themselves because with Pick-Up Bricks they actually want to do it.”

We should of course note that the Weinstocks don’t claim the product was inspired by or has anything to do with The Office‘s “Suck It.” Regardless, the idea was a hit on Shark Tank, with Pick-Up Bricks scoring a deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner for $200,000 and 16% equity. You can get your own Pick-Up Bricks right now for $99.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time someone has endeavored to make “Suck It” a reality. In 2022, “fake inventor” Matty Benedetto posted his version of a “LEGO Suck It” to Reddit and went viral.

But now that we’re finally getting “Suck It” for real for real, and it has the backing of a tech mogul and the Queen of QVC, there’s no doubt it’s here to stay. And when the inevitable TV commercial drops, this better be the jingle…

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