Great Movie Trailers That Were Better Than the Actual Movies

April 28, 2024

Even in this age of instant YouTube gratification, movie trailers are a big deal. They get us hyped for an upcoming project by making promises that the eventual film will (hopefully) pay off. The best sizzle reels are even able to do this by giving a taste of things to come without ruining any surprises […]

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Funko has been dominating the world of collectibles for well over a decade now. With iconic lines such as their beloved Funko Pops! to acquiring other brands like Loungefly, Funko has established themselves as the premiere destination for all things fandom. The group is always searching for ways to innovate and introduce new concepts in the marketplace. This is showcased by the company moving into a new frontier with a Den of Geek exclusive reveal of their latest premium toy-line. Introducing Jumbo Chan.

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Jumbo Chan represents Funko’s latest foray into the world of high end toys for the most hardcore collectors. From their official press release, “Jumbo Chan is the hero your collection needs. Inspired by Japanese toys from the 1970s and 80s, Jumbo Chan brings nostalgia and fun together as a vibrant, 14-inch-tall hard vinyl figure. The first edition of Jumbo Chan is Freddy Funko, sporting a jubilant smile and ready to save the day.”

Honoring the legacy of classic Japanese toys is at the forefront of Funko’s mission with Jumbo Chan. These highly detailed sculptures feature joints that mimic Japanese figures of old, inspired by robotic and mecha heroes, revolutionary in their time for their detailed articulation. They stated, “The world was infatuated with the colorful, innovative designs, and unique characters of Japan’s toys, a passion that still lives on. Toys made of tin and soft vinyl were common until the shift to die-cast metal and plastic toys allowed for an improved level of detail and color. Kaiju creatures, robots, and superheroes transfixed fans with their elaborate packaging, transforming designs, and licensed characters. Jumbo Chan is likewise designed to commemorate and continue the legacy of these very toys.”

What better way to kickoff a new line of Funko figurines than with their mascot, Freddy Funko! However, this is no ordinary toy, it’s a highly collectible item with a limited quantity available, so act fast! “Only 1,200 of these collectibles were made, each complete with a certificate of authenticity. The box features eye-catching art, in matching vivid colors to complete the retro-inspired aesthetic. Freddy’s pose and the bold typography create a sense of movement and action across the front panel. Display side by side with the box or have Jumbo Chan stand alone. Don’t miss your chance to add this limited-edition collectible to your lineup!”

Find out how you can obtain one of these highly desirable Freddy Funko Jumbo Chan figures here.

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